The gentle relaxation for body and soul.

Craniosacral bodywork, originally developed from craniosacral osteopathy, has developed into an independent form of bodywork in recent years. Their holistic approach aims to strengthen the self-healing powers and the dynamic balance between body and soul with gentle techniques.

Cautiousness and mindfulness are in the foreground of biodynamic craniosacral bodywork, especially in pregnancy, puerperium, infants and children. This form of mindful touch invites the organism and the psyche to release tensions on every level.

The craniosacral bodywork serves the physical and emotional support

at the desire of children

in pregnancy and childbed

the development of infants and children e.g. after difficult birth and caesarean section, in case of breastfeeding problems, cry children, ADHD, KISS, Down syndrome etc.

Bonding within the family before and after birth / in difficult family situations

after physical / emotional trauma and birth trauma

the regulation of metabolism e.g. for indigestion

relaxation and rest for body, mind and soul, for example Burnout, sleep disorders

activation of self-healing powers and strengthening of the immune system

to increase the general well-being.

The craniosacral bodywork serves to promote health, well-being and relaxation. It does not replace the diagnosis and therapy of a physician or alternative practitioner.