gentle relaxation for body and soul.

Craniosacral bodywork, which originally arose from craniosacral osteopathy, has developed
into an independent form of bodywork in recent years. Applying a holistic perspective, it
aims to strengthen self-healing powers and to support the dynamic balance between body
and soul by means of gentle techniques.
Biodynamic craniosacral bodywork takes a careful and mindful approach, especially during
pregnancy, in the postnatal period, and with babies and children. This form of sensitive
touch invites the physical organism and the mind to let go of tensions at every level.

Craniosacral bodywork gives support at the physical and emotional levels:

if you wish to become pregnant
during pregnancy and after giving birth
during the development of babies and children, for instance after a difficult birth and/or
caesarean section, with breastfeeding problems, for children who cry a lot, ADHS, KISS,
Down’s syndrome, etc.
to support bonding within the family before and after the birth / in difficult family situations
after physical/emotional traumas and birth traumas
to regulate the metabolism, for instance in digestion problems
to support relaxation and recuperation of body, mind and soul, for instance with burnout
and sleeping problems
to activate powers of self-healing and to strengthen the immune system
to improve a general sense of well-being.

Craniosacral bodywork helps to promote health, well-being and relaxation.

It does not replace the diagnosis and therapy of a doctor or Heilpraktiker (alternative practitioner).